Seahorse Coastal Consulting

We offer a unique portfolio of consulting services, real time data, apps, and associated training for coastal ocean projects. Our core competencies are in physical oceanographic data analysis and ADCIRC model development and application.

Janelle Reynolds-Fleming, PhD

Janelle is a physical/biological oceanographer, specializing in open-ended analysis of coastal physics data as well as oceanographic instrument development. She holds a PhD in Marine Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is Principal Consultant and CEO.

Jason Fleming, PhD

Jason holds a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University. He specializes in real time model guidance for hurricane decision support using ADCIRC+SWAN. He is a Principal Consultant and develops software, applications, and training courses around ADCIRC.

Our Work

We help clients produce results on challenging projects by supporting the in-house team with an extra increment of domain specific experience and proven tools. Our clients benefit from our detail orientation and focus on problem solving.

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We work with government agencies, engineering consulting firms, insuretech professionals, and academic researchers. We'd love to hear more about your challenges and how we can help!

Thank You

We appreciate your interest and we are looking forward to contacting you!